Community Resources

Community Resilience Program
The Community Resilience Program is a catalyst for local awareness, inspiration, education and community action!  Our intention is to create a sustainable, just and fulfilling human presence on this planet.  The Community Action Plan facilitates the transition of our neighborhoods, towns and communities into more resilient, joyful, healthy, vibrant, creative and sustainable places to live.

Project Safety Net
Building resiliency is a key component to keeping youth safe and healthy. Project Safety Net, in conjunction with Project Cornerstone, a local non-profit helping communities build asset-rich environments, has adopted the Search Institute’s 41 developmental assets model to provide a framework for building resiliency and other positive character traits amongst youth.

Community Resilience and Adaptation
Efforts towards sustainability in any field are built on processes for communicating, learning, and sharing knowledge, engaging people in their multiple roles as individuals, and as members of communities and organizations. This portal (formerly NRM-changelinks) is designed for those wanting to improve collaboration within a range of governance initiatives. It is aimed at supporting adaptation and resilience within a decision-making environment characterised by change, complexity and uncertainty. The site highlights the wide range of networks, forums, processes and social skills available internationally to support constructive collaboration. The site structure shows how these elements can work together, and collectively brings links to several hundred annotated on-line resources together in one easy to access site.

Healthy and Resilient Communities
How do we live our lives in ways that make enough of a difference to make a difference? I think we do it by turning to one another. I think we do it by rediscovering our own wisdom and our capacity to do whatever is needed for the health and safety of our families and neighbours. I think we do it by remembering how deeply interrelated we all are.