Aboriginal Resources

Nishiyuu Journey   This site is the official site of the group of First Nations youth who decided to walk from their traditional territory in Northern Quebec all the way to Ottawa to raise awareness about first nations rights.

Little Drum Consulting  Little  Drum Consulting believes in the strength and resiliency of Aboriginal people and  all of our work comes from this fundamental belief.

Little Drum Consulting is an Aboriginal owned and operated business that provides writing, facilitation and consulting services   to Aboriginal communities and organizations. LD has been providing these services as a company since 1996, and has had the privilege of working in numerous communities and organizations across Canada. It is their belief that people learn best when they are having fun; thus, all our workshops are designed to share information in ways that invite participation, laughter, and learning.

What is Reconciliation? Tiffany Boston, a youth from Williams Lake, BC, created this short documentary exploring what reconciliation means.

Theatrical Medicine Theatrical Medicine: Aboriginal, ritual and commemoration by Michelle la Flamme

Blade Runners BladeRunners was created in 1994 during the construction of General Motors Place in Vancouver.  It was founded with the purpose of matching construction industry needs with opportunities for inner city disadvantaged ‘street-involved’ youth.  Because many of the at-risk youth taking part in the program at that time were experiencing problems outside of their work hours, a system of 24/7 support from BladeRunners coordinators was developed which led to the award winning BladeRunners model.

Access Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society is designed to stimulate and support innovative labour market initiatives. Human resource development is an integral aspect of Aboriginal self-determination and capacity building.