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What is R Life?

R Life arose from the Imagine Campbell River project.  In 2010, The John Howard Society of North Island received funding from the Community Action Initiative to create preventative strategies for substance misuse and to promote mental health.  Our research showed that understanding resilience and fostering it in ourselves and in our communities is a protective factor against substance misuse and has been proven to promote mental health.  So Imagine Campbell River, and then R Life, promoted education on resilience by giving workshops throughout British Columbia.  We developed a curriculum that can be modified to suit various age groups, and also created online learning modules.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to persevere or adapt when things go awry.  There are many things that contribute to resilience and the information we compiled touches on some key ones.

What makes someone resilient?

We are all resilient in different ways.  Why some people seem more resilient than others is a question that has generated a significant amount of research.  What the research shows is that there are qualities, or ways of thinking and behaving that contribute to resilience.  The material we’ve compiled explores some of those.

How do I become resilient?

Well, you probably already are in many ways!  And, to strengthen your resilience, you can assess which of the building blocks you already have in your life, and which you could work on.  The more of these you have, the more likely it is that you will be able to act in a resilient way.

Does R Life still do workshops?

We have a limited ability to come and do workshops.  We can also brainstorm with you on ways you can use our material in your setting.

Who are the workshops for? Who have you presented to in the past?

The workshops are for everyone.  However, our goal has been to ‘train the trainer’, so you’ll notice that our online material is geared to service providers who we hope can spread this knowledge to the people they work with.  We have delivered the workshop to RCMP officers, health professionals, inmates at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre, teachers, early childhood education workers, youth counsellors, high school and middle school students and other groups.

How big are workshops?

Ideally, workshops will be held for 15-25 participants. However, we will do what we can to best fit your needs. Discuss it with the R Life team and we can surely arrange to make it work!

What devices are compatible with the e-learning modules?

Currently, it is PC’s and iPads.  For learning modules created with Articulate Storyline, users may be directed to download the free Atriculate app.

Can I use the e-learning modules with an iPhone?

You can watch our video units, yes.  You may need a little patience to navigate the website on your phone.

Do the Articulate Storyline modules use HTML5?



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